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Upwork vs Fiverr: Which Is Better?


In the modern workplace, freelancing is essential to a company’s business model. Freelancers can offer companies a range of services that are difficult or impossible to find in-house. In fact, some companies have whole departments dedicated to finding and hiring the best freelancers. You might be wondering which platform is better: Upwork vs Fiverr? We’ll break down the fees for each forum and explain why Upwork costs are higher than Fiverr fees before recommending which site offers better value for money.

Here are some factors that explain Upwork vs Fiverr and Which is better Between Both of Them:


·         Upwork Fees

So, you’re ready to start freelancing? Great! But before you can make any money with Upwork or Fiverr, some fees must be paid.

Upwork fees are $0.20 per hour, plus a 10% fee on all earnings. This is higher than Fiverr’s 20% fee, but Upwork offers users more features in the form of a reputation system and an online job board. These two things give users access to more jobs than Fiverr does. So, if you’re going for quality over quantity in your freelance career, Upwork may be better for you. It allows more opportunities for growth as a freelancer through its higher pay rates and other perks like access to mentorships and training programs.

In contrast with Upwork’s higher hourly rate, Fiverr takes only 5% from each completed gig. So, this could potentially mean more profit for those who do well enough on the site since their hourly rate would be greater than what they’d pay on other platforms. Thus, if you want to choose Upwork for your career as a freelancer, you can create your profile by clicking here!

·         The Competition on Fiverr

Fiverr is the more popular site, but that comes with some drawbacks. Because it’s so much bigger than Upwork, you’ll find more customers looking to hire freelancers on Fiverr. But they might not be as desirable. Also, if your goal is just to make a quick buck, Fiverr may be better for you since it has more jobs posted and more people looking to hire freelancers than Upwork does.

But if you want steady work overtime and don’t mind being paid less for each task than what an expert would charge on Upwork, then Fiverr could be the better choice for you. Moreover, other factors make one platform better suited than the other.

Fiverr is better if you’re looking for a gig that pays less and has more competition. Since Fiverr is much larger than Upwork, it’s not uncommon to find gigs paying between $5-$10 on Fiverr, whereas Upwork’s average job posting price tends to hover around $25 per hour more. If your goal is just to make a quick buck, Fiverr may be better for you since it has more jobs posted and more people. If you think Fiverr is better for you to kickstart your career, you can make your Fiverr profile by clicking here!

·         Fiverr Fees

Both services charge a percentage of the total order amount, but Fiverr’s fee is always 5%. The buyer, not the seller, pays this. The fee isn’t a fixed amount—it’s calculated based on your customer’s purchase price. For example, if you sell something for $50 and your service costs $20 an hour, your buyers will pay you $40. But if they pay for a service that costs $10 an hour and buys multiple gigs from you at once, their payment can be much higher than what they originally paid.

For example:

  • If someone buys two gigs from me (one gig = 1 hour of work), I’ll earn $75 total ($50 + 10 * 2) but only get charged 5% of my total earnings because it comes out to $15 (2 * 5%).
  • If someone buys five gigs from me (each one being 1 hour), I might earn up to $375 total but only get charged 5% of my earnings because it comes out to just over $18 ($3750 / 100).


·         The Popularity of Each Platform

Fiverr and Upwork have a lot in common, but they also have plenty of differences. Both sites are the best places to find freelancers or workers for your business. However, which site is better?

  • The popularity of each platform: Fiverr is more popular than Upwork. You’ll find more Fiverr jobs than Upwork, and it’s also easier to use!
  • The flexibility of each platform: Fiverr offers more flexible payment methods than Upwork, making it cheaper for you as a freelancer (and easier for employers).
  • The ease-of-use of each platform: Fiverr has been praised by users who say that it’s much easier to use than Upwork (which can be pretty confusing). It’s also very user-friendly!
  • The type of jobs offered: Fiverr offers a wide range of freelancing opportunities, from copywriting to graphic design. On Upwork, you can get gigs like transcription and proofreading. You’ll find more variety on Fiverr than on Upwork!
  • The type of clients available: Upwork has more corporate clients than Fiverr. If you’re looking for this, Upwork might be better suited for your needs.


All these factors mainly focus on the difference as Upwork vs Fiverr and both these platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to know about different ways and services to make money on Fiverr without experience and skills, you can read our article by clicking here. We have briefly explained how you can make money on Fiverr without having any skill or prior experience.


·         Is Upwork Safe?

Upwork’s fee structure is more favourable to freelancers than Fiverr’s. Upwork charges a flat 10%, while Fiverr charges a 20% commission on top of their advertising fees (which are usually around $5 per project). When you accept an offer from either site, your earnings will be lower if you use Fiverr than if you use Upwork.

  • Upwork is More Professional

Upwork has more job opportunities available than Fiverr does, as well as an overall better user experience. It’s also worth noting that Upwork handles all payments via PayPal. It means they have fewer problems with fraud and chargebacks than other payment processors like Stripe (Fiverr) do.

·         Problem With Upwork Escrow System

The escrow system is a great way to protect clients from fraud, but it can be problematic for freelancers. Clients can dispute the work after they get their money back. Upwork has a formal and somewhat complicated dispute resolution process that can take a long time. If there is a work dispute, the client must wait for an Upwork representative to decide. The dispute resolution process can take up to 30 days. On Fiverr, if there is any problem with your project, your client has 7 days after completion of the project in which they can claim their money back.

On Fiverr, there’s a 7-day window to dispute any project. It doesn’t matter if the client is unhappy with their work. If they have a problem at all, you could lose your money. The client simply needs to request an order cancellation and then wait for it to be approved by Fiverr within that time.

·         Is Fiverr Safe?

Fiverr is safe for both buyers and sellers. The site has a good reputation and an excellent escrow system. This means you can trust that the seller will deliver your order as promised. A strong customer service team is also on hand to help with any issues you might have. It’s safe to use Fiverr—you can solve any problem quickly. If you have decided to choose Fiverr as your freelancing career platform and want to stand out your profile from the rest of the people, click here to read our detailed article on how you can make your profile strong and stand out.

Fiverr is suitable for beginners who want to dip their toes into freelancing. But it’s also great for experts looking for more professional opportunities or larger contracts that pay more per gig or project than the standard $5-10$ fee offered by the site.


I’ve been using Fiverr for over a year now. Although it took some time to get used to the site’s rules and policies, I found that once you get into a routine of ordering gigs from sellers who impress you with their quality workmanship or creativity, everything becomes second nature. The key is finding reputable sellers who deliver on what they promise—which can be tricky at first.

·         Upwork vs Fiverr: These Platforms Are Both Safe and Help Match Freelancers with A Job

Upwork and Fiverr are safe platforms for freelancers to find jobs. They also help match freelancers with a job. This can be difficult for those who just recently started freelancing.

Both sites have a good reputation and many like using them because they’re both popular and have good customer service. The job boards on both platforms are helpful, even if they don’t always work out in your favour! Upwork is an excellent place to find jobs, while Fiverr is also useful when trying to find freelance work online. Most importantly, freelancers feel safe using these platforms to find work. Both platforms have a good reputation, and many people like using them because they’re both popular

Both sites have a good reputation, and many people like using them. It is because they’re both popular and have good customer service. The job boards on both platforms are helpful, even if they don’t always work out in your favour! Upwork is a good place to find jobs, while Fiverr is also useful when trying to find freelance work online.


The bottom line is that in Upwork vs Fiverr, both platforms are safe to use. They can be a great way to make money as a freelancer and find new clients, but they also have some drawbacks. When choosing between these two platforms, you must consider each option’s benefits and drawbacks before signing up.


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