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Earn Money In India With Different Useful Apps


These days, everyone is facing financial issues due to the alarming situations in every country. Thus, everyone needs a passive income to help them manage their personal or home expenses. Nowadays, there are several different apps available that offer you a chance to earn money in India. So, if you are looking for something to do or if you want to make some extra cash, here is a list of different android apps that will help you earn money easily and quickly:

Here Are Some Useful Apps That You Can Use To Earn Money In India:

1.    Rozdhan (The Best Earning App In India)

Rozdhan-earn money in India

Rozdhan is an app that pays you to complete simple tasks like downloading apps, referring your friends, and completing surveys. You can earn up to Rs. 10,000 per month with Rozdhan. It is possible by simply doing what you would normally do on your phone.

Once you download the app and create an account using your Facebook profile (you don’t need a mobile number), it will ask you which tasks you want to complete. For example, if it says, “Download 5 apps”, click and then proceed by downloading five apps from the list of applications. Once done, go back into the app and click “Completed” under each task title. It will confirm that you have completed the task successfully. Click here to get app: Download Rozdhan app for android

2.    Bulb Smash

Bulb Smash

This is a simple game app where you will have to smash the bulbs and earn coins by playing games. The more you play, the more coins you get; eventually, you can redeem them for money.

Therefore, if you are not interested in playing games, then there is also an option of earning by watching ads. You can earn extra money from your friends by convincing them to join this app. You can refer your number so that they can start earning too! This app is not only free, but it also allows you to win exciting prizes. You can redeem your coins for money by playing games, watching ads, or completing surveys.

3.    Dream Cricket

Dream Cricket-earn money in India

Dream Cricket is a fantasy cricket game. You can play it as a game, or you can also use it to earn money. It is easy to use, and you can play it on the go. This app will help you make money at home, watching TV, or even travelling. On this app, you will find many features such as:

  • Play fantasy cricket with your friends and family members.
  • Play fantasy cricket with colleagues from the office.

And if you want to earn money, Dream Cricket allows users to create multiple teams. You can also join leagues and win big prizes. To download on android, click this link:

4.    Quiz Bar

You can download this app on any device. Quiz bar is a great app to earn money in India by playing different quiz games.

You can play the following games:

  • General Knowledge Quiz
  • Sport Quiz
  • Entertainment Quiz
  • Music-based quiz called Beat This!

This app will help you make money at home, watching TV, or travelling. The money you earn will be directly deposited in your Paytm account. Quiz bar also has a referral program through which you can make more money by inviting your friends.

5.    PhonePe


PhonePe is another excellent app to make money in India. You can earn cash by downloading and installing apps, watching videos, completing surveys, and referring friends. There are several ways to earn money with this app. After you have completed the tasks, they will reward you with phonepay credits. You can use them at stores like Amazon or Flipkart for mobile recharge.

PhonePe is a widely popular way of earning money in India, and thousands of people use it every day to make some pocket money. PhonePe is an Android app; you can download it from their website. You will get paid in phonepay credits, which you can redeem for gift cards including Paytm, Amazon and Flipkart.

6.    Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket-earn money in India

It is a strategy game where you create a team of players from your favourite cricketing teams. You will earn points based on their performance in actual matches. So, the best part is that you can play fantasy cricket for free!

To start playing fantasy cricket, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Fantasy Cricket app (or download it from Play Store or App Store).
  • Download and install this useful app if you haven’t already done so.
  • Sign up using your email ID or create an account using Facebook or Google+ credentials. Select one of three modes: either 1-Day Internationals, ODI World Cup 2020, or T20 World Cup 2020 (your choice). This game is easy to play and allows you to earn money. Make sure you check it out if you are looking for an app that can help you make some money and have fun while doing.
  • Note: Your account will be created only if you have more than one registered number on your mobile phone. Registering yourself on this app with the mobile number of an operator other than Airtel is necessary.

7.    My Team 11

My Team 11

My Team 11 is a cricket-based game. It is available on the Apple and Google Play store. You can play this game for free of cost and earn money by playing it. This game is an excellent entertaining source, especially for Indians who like cricket. This app allows you to make your team, where you have 11 players in total with different slots for each player, which are shown below:

  • Batsman
  • Bowler
  • All-rounder

8.    Cashboss

CashBoss-earn money in India

Cashboss is a mobile app that allows you to earn money in India by downloading apps and playing games. You can earn up to Rs.10 daily for downloading apps and playing games. It also allows you to earn up to Rs.10 per day for watching videos. Cashboss also offers referral bonuses if your friends install the app using your unique code. You also can earn Rs.50 for referring your friend to Cashboss.

Cashboss does not require investment. You can install it for free and start making money by completing simple tasks. The sign-up process is also easy and hassle-free.

If you are interested in this app, go to the official Cashboss website and download the app. After downloading it, you must register yourself by providing your basic details such as name, mobile number, and email id. Once you complete the registration process, you will receive a confirmation SMS with an OTP to verify your account. So, create your account and start earning now! To download this app, click here

9.    Helo

Helo is a carpooling app that pays you to drive your car. It’s essentially Uber for everyday tasks like driving kids to school, picking up groceries, or running errands. Therefore, you can earn money using the Helo app and helping people get from point A to point B.

The Helo app is for people who have errands to do. You can use the Helo app to pick up kids from school, drive people around town, or transfer an apartment full of furniture. It’s a great way to get money while you’re on the go. You don’t have to deal with all that pesky paperwork.


We hope we can help you with your queries about how to earn money in India. These are just some of the many apps available on the Android Play Store. But, you can also try out apps like Mobikwik and Paytm to earn cashback on your shopping. You can even download games that pay you real money for playing them!


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